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3 Aug

i believe in laughter, friends, late night movies, pillow talk, dancing in the rain, singing out of tune, smores over the campfire, camping in the UP, falling in love with moments, memorizing people’s smiles, challenging the everyday, searching for inner peace, listening to good tunes, relaxing, doing reckless things, adventures, harry potter, good books, movies that make you cry, people that make you smile, surprises, going on dates, being young, having a close family, being a good person, treating others the way you want to be treated, having great sex, kissing in the rain, swearing like a sailor every now and again, pushing yourself to be a better person, making other people happy, doing quirky cute things,taking silly photos, making faces at babies, day dreaming, the power of word, making someone’s day better, getting and giving massages, good food, experiencing culture, chicago, train rides, people watching, coffee, hugs, and above all i believe in love of life, people and beauty.


the journey- mary oliver

2 Aug

emotions and stress have a way of piling up and effecting how you view life and this world in a way. i’m beginning to see that when life is emotional and stressful for me that i take it out on the people i love the most. which is such a common, and yet terrible thing for people to do. there’s something so horrid about beating up the people you love for no reason.
i’ve also noticed that i am a frequent viewer of the bad things in my life…an annoying little habit i picked up from an ex-friend of mine…something i’m trying very hard to rid myself of. looking at the bad portions of life and excluding all the good is unhealthy and unfair.
i sat here this morning pondering what was going on in my head over the last few days and how i could combat the emotional rollercoaster (with lots of ups and downs, although much less fun) that was turned on inside my head. my morning cup of coffee, a little gentle folk music and a conversation with a good friend can often work wonders on storms of the mind. so i wrote a letter to myself about all the stupid things that are going on and how i need to relax.
within these words i found a calming inner peace in knowing that although life is never perfect and life is often unfair, it always evens out in the end. we are never given things in life that we cannot conquer without a little determination, motivation and guidance. And so with those notions of advice i’ve decided to take a fresh look at the world around me and how i’ve been going about things these last few weeks. maybe just maybe a new outlook, a little coffee, and a little help from the people i love will make this rough patch all the more smooth.