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fast times at wetmore landing

12 Jul

this past saturday we were graced with some glorious summer weather here in da beautiful UP. it would have been a total waste to not get out and enjoy the beauty of the world, so we (jenny, nick, and i) went out on a camping adventure out at wetmore landing. after a decent trek back into the woods in the 85 degree weather we found our beautiful camping destination…a little cove right on the water. from our spot we could see both little presque and big presque as well as lots and lots of cold blue water.
we took care of the usual camp things like starting a fire and setting up tents, after a nice refreshing dip in lake superior. this is where the real fun begins. we explored our little camp site and buckled down for the evening in front of our fire for some food, beverages and conversation. We set off some fireworks and watched them light up the night sky as the sun began to set. After we ran out of fireworks we decided to go for a late night dip in the lake.

we didn’t last long in the dark frigid water. After about two minutes of standing in the cold water and only being able to go in up to our thighs we wandered back to the fire to warm ourselves up….sadly nickolas fell over a buried tree and a stray branch found it’s way into the flesh of his shin.
he was a trooper through the whole ordeal as dr. jenny and nurse summer bandaged up the wound as best as possible for the conditions at hand. but luckily we’d brought a little alcohol out with us and were able to sanitize his wound and get most of the sand out of his gouge. we had to wait to morning to bring him to the hospital however because we were a mile and a half from the car and the trail was brutal enough during the day without injuries. it was one restless night for all of us. luckily the impending thunderstorm never reached us, even as we watched the rain a mile or so off of shore pour down onto the lake.
as soon as morning came we packed up and asked the neighbors if nick could hitch a ride in their boat to the trailhead as to avoid the perils of the steep muddy trail. jenny and i met him at the beach and helped him back to the car…i took nick to the hospital where he was given 13 stitches to sew up his wound. poor kid. he was definitely a trooper. i’m very proud of him…but nervous to take him camping next weekend….we’ll see what happens.