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24 Jun

this summer is about half over. and i can’t name anything extraordinary that i have done/accomplished since it began. i mean it’s not the lonely summers filled with harry potter books and bike rides of my childhood, but it is possibly more boring. Working 40 hours a week is awesome for my bank account and great for all that survival type stuff that one encounters upon entering adult hood. like rent and food and such…but, i still think memories trump dinero. and well….i’ve made a few good ‘uns this summer i can’t help but remember how amazing last summer was.

alas, we should not sit and reminisce about a summer long gone, and we should just try to create another summer full of fantastic memories to miss next year when school starts. However, the work leaves little time for fun and lots of time for facebook. the weekends pass much too quickly…sigh. I’m pretty sure that the upcoming weeks will get a little more exciting as the fourth of july is upon us and my dear friend from minnesota will be visiting. and the weekend after two of my lovely troll friends will make a trip to da UP. People visiting makes things much more exciting as well as provides ample opportunities for excitement.There are plans for camping, dancing, and other joy filled things a lady can look forward to.

In the mean time I should begin to look for some sort of lovely book to read or something. As I find my mind wandering far from productive and sometimes healthy topics. So, maybe a slightly trashy easy read will take my mind away from heavy things…the books i’ve tried to read this summer have too much substance (sadly) for me to find them enjoyable.
that’s how things work in the summer. we want things to be easy and light and full of fun and adventures. that’s the way it should be. and hopefully that’s the way it will become.