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dress up

25 Jun

today as i rummaged through my closet in an attempt to find an outfit that was a) clean, b) decent looking and c) improved my mood i noticed something about myself. wearing things that are relatively silly lifts my mood and makes me feel so much better about life. i chose my big gray sweater vest that looks like it was made for a 55 year old male investment banker. i instantly smiled when i thought about how much my friends tease me for this goofy goodwill pick made for me by my lady lover.

this notion of silly clothes improving my mood is by no means a new concept for me. however, i’ve never noticed that i do indeed grab certain clothes from my closet when i feel the need to be cheered up. my turquoise prom dress, viking horns, grandpa sweater vest, pilgrim sweater, and 80’s red blazer all make appearances from time to time.

i think playing dress up as a child probably instilled a little association in my young brain that fun clothes make for fun days. and it seems that notion holds true in my life. i love days when the clothes you wear don’t matter and the only thing you know is that although you might look silly outside those clothes are making you smile inside. that’s the glory of being goofy, it helps improve things.