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7 Jul

this summer is continuing to shape up nicely. i’ve begun reading again something my ambition has been lacking to do. i’ve been cooking delicious foods. i’ve been having adventures below the bridge. and i’ve been discovering things about friendships, love, and consideration that i’ve never before looked so deeply into and most of all i’m learning about people, myself included.

my favorite way to live my life is in a constant state of learning and discovery. from taking the time to notice a new flower to learning how to knit a complex scarf. if i have not learned something new i feel my day is lost. but, just partaking in this life and in this world teaches you new things everyday. my favorite thing about life is people. i love them. all of them, even those who drive me nutters.

people are such a unique an interesting thing. watching people interact with each other amazes me and makes me smile. and even though i have such a love of people, i also realize that some people will always be cruel, angry, judgemental and lost people. those people are sometimes the ones we love the most, because we feel as people we can help and change them we can guide them. it doesn’t always work that way, but the beauty about people is that there will always be someone there to try and help out a situation. i love human kindness in all it’s simplicity from helping a little boy find his mother at the grocery store to babysitting for the neighbor during an emergency. human kindness is often lost to our own selfish desires but, little examples like this amaze me and strike up my faith in humanity.